5 Desember 2010

Benefits of red onion

Traditional medicine is a drug that is processed by traditional hereditary, based on ancestral recipes, customs, beliefs, or a good knowledge of local customs and traditional magic. According to this research, traditional medicine are beneficial to health, and now that traditional medicine is expected to be distributed to the community a lot because of the price and availability is still very much. Traditional medicine is widely used today because according to some studies do not cause side effects, because it still can be digested by the body.

Some companies cultivate traditional medicines are further modified. Part of the traditional medicine that can be used is the root, rhizome, stem, fruit, leaves and flowers. Forms of traditional medicine sold in the market in the form of capsules, powders, liquids, dry and tablets.

This time infokita1978 tried a little to share experiences on the benefits of traditional medicine with the topic of red onion to cure colds. Garlic is a general term for a group of plants important to humans who are included in the genus Allium. Bulbs, leaves, or flowers are used as vegetables or garlic as spices, depending on how you look.

In Javanese tradition, referring to the onion garlic. Meanwhile, in his opinion, the broader onions can be used for different types: green onion, onion, garlic, onion, spring onion, spring onion garlic. Oke dech directly back to the topic above, how to grow onions as a remedy for colds, here's how:

* Provide 2-3 green onions
* Peel the skin and wash with water until clean
* Provide coconut oil (1.5 tablespoons)

Method: Slice onions thinly all before, mix the coconut oil little by little. Stir until blended both ingredients, then ready for use.
How to use: Apply the medication at the navel while sorted-sequence Spread gently on the back of the back, from top to bottom following the spine. Note: This traditional medicine I got from my parents, and I often use it to cure colds. Good luck.

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