4 Desember 2010

Christ Jon

Ana Maria added that the return to Jakarta, carrying a double mission. First, he must deal with merchandise all about Chris John. And, the second is none other than giving support to her husband who will defend his WBA Feather class of 13 is. "Frankly, if it does not keep the merchandise I could not possibly get here (Jakarta) Before playing Chirs, I was in the booth that has been provided by the committee after playing the game .. Only Chris,
I join with others in the (arena)," added the mother of Mary and Maria Rosa Luna Ferisha Christiani this. Inside the booth, visitors can get the original souvenirs related to Chris John. Ranging from shirts, hats, jackets, and jumpers. Although not able to give thanks to Chris John to come back fighting, but Ana Maria is optimistic her husband is able to provide the best for the people of Indonesia. "Losing to win that important these days, the most important thing he should be able to appoint.

Christ Jon Quote

* "People only know me like this now;. Success, famous, and has a lot of money, but most of them do not know how I fight, my father trained since childhood to practice boxing and I almost did not have time to play like children my age. "

*" When boxing debut in amateur boxing championships in Banjarnegara, I was very nervous, so that when hit, I closed my eyes, slapped, and it seems many are taxable, so I declared winning numbers. "

* "Let someone else take the title I just won on paper (paper title), etc., but I will prove that I am not a paper champion."

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