6 Desember 2010

Nature Tourism of Batu Suli

Batu Suli is a natural attractions are located on the banks of the River between the villages of Rock and tumbles Kahayan After Manange, Tewah. Sightseeing offers beautiful scenery and stunning, high-shaped stone that stands on the banks of the river Kahayan. Indigenous peoples know Batu Suli Dayak as a legend, in which there is Batu Suli on a pile of rocks known as Antang Stone (Stone Tingkes / puzzle) has the meaning "a narrow aisle." Batu Suli in oral histories from former Ngaju Dayak settlement was one of the Waterford Mambu Kahayan Hulu in the area and live in an era of Sasana Bandar.
In addition to the philosophy that there is at Batu Suli is also a tourist attraction known for its beauty and panoramic views around the site that are still beautiful and attractive as tourist attractions. With a background Kahajan add value to natural panoramic beauty of Batu Suli. Approximately attractions are still very natural, with trees and vegetation that grow in the surrounding forest.

Batu Suli tourist sites can be reached by motorbike or car from the city of Kuala period as far as 37.7 km, the total area of 50 hectares. Entrance to the site is still a dirt road. This facility is available only in the form of small huts as temporary shelters for visitors with very low capacity.

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