3 Desember 2010

5 Top Tips For Choosing Your Blog Topic

The first steps in choosing your Blog topic can be very daunting. You may already have a great idea, but not sure which angle to attack it from. Getting your subject right at the start, can be crucial to your Blogs success. Blogging should be about passion, choose a subject that you are passionate about, you will have little problem creating killer content for your Blog that gets your reader captivated and coming back for more. Time after Time. Ok lets look at some ideas for choosing your Blog topic. If you get it wrong at the start, don't worry, it's better to find out sooner than later, change your angle and re-spark that passion.

Blog Topics:
Local clubs/Events: Does your local town or city have a blog. You could start your blog around the local community, local events, blog about local businesses. Get your local sports and social clubs involved. Promote local events such as carnivals, sports days. Get the local school children involved, run competitions from your blog, with prizes offered from local business. Look for unique angles, promote your local community.
Sports: If you are a mad sports fan, a blog about your passion can be a excellent topic for your blog. Lets take ice hockey as an example. Your blog can contain all the results from the games, the times and dates and what television channel the games are on. Player profiles, interviews with the top names. Trust me when your blog is a roaring success with tons of monthly visitors, players and managers will contact you to give interviews. Run some competitions, give away signed shirts, or better still have your own made with your blog URL on it, people wear them to games, you get free promotion. Win Win.
Hobbies/Pastimes: Your hobbies and or pastimes can also be a excellent blog topic. Lets say you love gardening. Start your blog for gardeners, share growing tips, how to tips, show images and video. I enjoy mountain biking, I could start a blog all about the places that I ride and the clubs and races I attend. take pictures, talk to the other riders. You will get a endless supply of great content for your blog.
Finance: The money market is huge, maybe you are an accountant or a banker. You could base your blog around forex trading, or the stock markets. Give insider tips. Or maybe you are a debt expert. Offer good solid advice on debt management. The list for this is endless.
Travel: Do you love to travel. Maybe you are a student taking a year out from college or uni. Base your blog around your exploits. Write about your travels, take pictures and create videos of all your experiences. Give out your blog URL to all the people that you meet. Encourage them to visit your blog and leave you comments. Heck you could even put some advertising on there, and earn while you travel. How cool would that be.
So to summarize, there can be endless topics for you to blog about. Make sure it is a topic that you a: know a lot about, b: that you are passionate about. You will have know problem coming up with killer content consistently for your blog. Happy Blogging.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Peter_B_Carr

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I loved your writing skills, all 5 steps that you have listed is necessary to make blog success. Any choosing topic in which we have sufficient skills and knowledge will help our blog to become more popular

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