9 Desember 2010

Potential of tourism in central kalimantan

Central Kalimantan province with an area of 153,564 square kilometers, has the potential of natural resources for the tourism sector is overwhelming. Because, from all over the area there are 126,200 square kilometers or about 82.1 percent of the swamp area of 18,115 square kilometers or 11.8 percent, to rivers, lakes and ponds covering an area of 4563 square kilometers, or 3 percent, and other land of 4868 square kilometers, or 3.1 percent. With a vast forest, the potential of nature tourism in Central Kalimantan is very big.In addition,
Central Kalimantan Province which consists of 13 regencies and one city are equipped with the 11 big rivers with a length of 175 kilometers until it reaches 900 kilometers. Almost all districts have the potential of nature tourism which consists of forests, swamps, rivers, beaches and so forth. In the District of Kotawaringin Barat (Kobar) there Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting (TNTP), the region with the motto "Marunting Batu Aji" It also has beautiful beaches long enough for more than 200 kilometers. Later in the District National Park Sabangau Home Knives.
In Palangkaraya are the natural attractions of the river fence Kahayan, Tangkiling Hill, Lake Tahai and Arboretum. On the Diamond Mountain District there are natural tejun water tour in Kuala Mahasur Period Stone, Stone Suli Kahayan river. On the East Coast District is Pandaran Kotawaringin Edge, cascade tripping, and River Island pounds Lepeh Mentaya. In England there are districts Joyless Kolompai Mountain tourist attraction, Mount Konut, Mountain Lake stretcher, Mountain and Mount Bondang Point. In addition, there are also white water rafting, Waterfall Sampulan, Waterfall Bumbun. In the South Barito Regency there are natural attractions in the cave artifacts Liang's father, in East Barito Liang Saragih also exist in the cave. While nature tourism in North Barito there are nature reserves in the form of protected forests, in the District Lamandau there are many natural attractions rafting rock in the middle of the river so that the area is very exciting to be a place of activity, especially in the rapids Rafting Keladu.
A variety of natural attractions in Central Kalimantan, the potential for very many and very interesting, is not uncommon sights that attract foreign tourists (foreign tourists). However, many natural tourist potential is not fully utilized all the lack of funding from local governments.

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